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    This 3D Comparison Of Game Map Sizes Will Blow Your Mind

    Which video game has the largest map?  Skyrim?  Fallout 4?  Grand Theft Auto 5?  World of Warcraft?  Guess again.

    YouTuber and blogger Alvaro Gracia Montoya has created an incredible YouTube video comparing the maps of video games in 3D.


    Starting with the 9km2 map of Grand Theft Auto III, the video features many memorable maps, including Skyrim’s 37 km2 map, Far Cry 3’s 46km2 map, and Grand Theft Auto V’s 81km2 map.


    But, there’s more: the video continues with maps such as the Witcher 3’s 135km2 map, the World of Warcrafts 207km2 map, and even The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfalls’s mammoth 161600km2 map.  And, yes, that map size is correct.


    Even that pales in comparison to the largest map in any video game: Minecraft with a breathtaking 4,096,000,000.

    The video has has lots of surprise entries with maps that are substantially larger than you’d think.  One notable entry was Fuel, which has an intimidatingly huge map.

    Here’s the video:

    I remember playing GTA 3 for the first thing and feeling like it was the biggest virtual world that would ever exist; to think that Minecraft completely obliterates it is truly mind-blowing – and it’s still getting bigger!

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