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    GHOST RECON DIVISION OPERATIONAL ASSIGNMENTS DOSSIER PURPOSE OF OPERATIONS Operations is a new initiative undertaken to use the tools we have in game, to create our own new unique experiences within Ghost Recon Wildlands, and extend the long term enjoyment and playability of the game WHAT IS OPERATIONS? Operations are new missions, thought up by Division members to give our squads new content in game, but also as a tool to further test and implement new information and tactics in game. Operations may include -Intel gathering, such as scouting locations for harder to find equipment -Testing and evaluating new tactics and equipment -Base Raiding -Region Patrols -and whatever else we can devise New Operations will be submitted by Game Staff once per week, for all Platforms to accomplish during their Meetups STRUCTURE OF OPERATIONS A Department of Operations (DOP) will be established within TGs Ghost Recon . This will be the "Think Tank", tasked with developing new Operations to create a pool of Ops for Game Staff to select from once per week. DOp to be led by an Ops Director, responsible for finalising and preparing Operations Briefings, which will be submitted to Game Staff for selection. The Ops Director is to be supported by Ops Staff, who may work together or on their own, brainstorming ideas and rough plans for Operations Any current Division member is invited to join Ops Staff OPS STAFF COMMUNICATIONS A new channel will be established within the TG Ghost Recon discord for the use of Ops Staff OPERATIONS BRIEFINGS Operations will be selected from the pool by Game Staff once a week, and will be active from start of Sunday practice, through to the following Sunday when a new Op will be active. An Operation Assignment Briefing (OAB) will be posted up in each Brigades forum discussion, at least 24 hrs before Sunday practice. OPERATIONS AFTER ACTION REPORT A Brief AAR can be reported by each squads SS in each brigade in the OPERATIONS DOSSIER thread. Click on the links below for these. OPERATIONS RESULTS Using information from Operation AARs, the Ops Director to file an OPERATIONS FINDINGS REPORT for any Operations that have provided an advantageous tactical result that will benefit or enhance GR Division squad play. These reports will be posted up in its own topic in the Game.
  3. Discord Intergration

    the website is fully integrated with discord now you can sync your discord account via here and your permissions will automatically be granted as well as your nickname
  4. Which video game has the largest map? Skyrim? Fallout 4? Grand Theft Auto 5? World of Warcraft? Guess again. YouTuber and blogger Alvaro Gracia Montoya has created an incredible YouTube video comparing the maps of video games in 3D. Starting with the 9km2 map of Grand Theft Auto III, the video features many memorable maps, including Skyrim’s 37 km2 map, Far Cry 3’s 46km2 map, and Grand Theft Auto V’s 81km2 map. But, there’s more: the video continues with maps such as the Witcher 3’s 135km2 map, the World of Warcrafts 207km2 map, and even The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfalls’s mammoth 161600km2 map. And, yes, that map size is correct. Even that pales in comparison to the largest map in any video game: Minecraft with a breathtaking 4,096,000,000. The video has has lots of surprise entries with maps that are substantially larger than you’d think. One notable entry was Fuel, which has an intimidatingly huge map. Here’s the video: I remember playing GTA 3 for the first thing and feeling like it was the biggest virtual world that would ever exist; to think that Minecraft completely obliterates it is truly mind-blowing – and it’s still getting bigger!
  5. Online fraudsters are stepping up their game in an attempt to dupe Amazon and its customers. Over the last week and a half, at least two users reported having received an Intel Celeron processor masquerading as an AMD Rzyen chip when shopping at Amazon. In both cases, the customer ordered a new Ryzen 7 1700 processor. What they each received looked like a legitimate Ryzen chip at a glance, that is until a closer examination. After unboxing the processor, it quickly became clear these CPUs were not manufactured by AMD, but were in fact Intel Celeron processors.Online fraudsters are stepping up their game in an attempt to dupe Amazon and its customers. Over the last week and a half, at least two users reported having received an Intel Celeron processor masquerading as an AMD Rzyen chip when shopping at Amazon. In both cases, the customer ordered a new Ryzen 7 1700 processor. What they each received looked like a legitimate Ryzen chip at a glance, that is until a closer examination. After unboxing the processor, it quickly became clear these CPUs were not manufactured by AMD, but were in fact Intel Celeron processors. Reddit user sh00ter999 posted several pictures of the fake Ryzen processor he received to Imgur. In the above image, you can see that the notches and overall integrated heatspreader (IHS) do not match what a real Ryzen 7 1700 looks like. And if you look real close, you can see that the Ryzen markings on top of the IHS are part of a transparent sticker. There are plenty of other signs that savvy users would quickly recognize, such as the lack of pins on the underside of the CPU, the wrong heatsink being bundled, and packaging that has obviously been tampered with. A little over a week after this happened, another user (Yae_Ko) uploaded a photo showing that he had received a fake Ryzen processor from Amazon as well. Take a look: It is not clear where exactly these processors are coming from, such as whether they are being sold directly by Amazon or through a third-party seller on the site. One of the more plausible scenarios is that the culprit is requesting RMAs for purchased Ryzen processors, and then returning rebadged Celeron chips in their place. Amazon does not get a free pass for letting these chips go through, though we can see how a worker processing returns might be duped. The folks at WCCFTech seem to think that two of these fake chips appearing in the wild in a short span is indicative of "well organized mass-RMA fraud seeping through the cracks." It's a bit too early to tell. On the bright side, one of the users said he received a replacement from Amazon that was delivered over night. For everyone else, the best way to minimize the risk of this happening is to buy directly from reputable online vendors rather than taking a chance with a third-party seller.
  6. Moving back to teamspeak

    After careful consideration we have decided that due to lack of features on discord we are moving back to our teamspeak server
  7. Discord

    We are currently in the process of transferring from TeamSpeak to discord we will keep you updated on the process. I’m asking all members to go to account settings and link your discord account to the website. or if you are a new member please go to http://ttconnect.net/ and join us there.
  8. Change Password

    Desktop Instructions - Go to your avatar on the upper right hand corner of any page - Click the triangle next to your avatar in the upper right - Click Account Settings - Click Password and follow instructions Mobile/Tablet Instructions - Click the bars in the top right and open the mobile menu - Click Account - Click Account Settings - Click Password and follow instructions
  9. Change Email Address

    Desktop Instructions - Go to your avatar on the upper right hand corner of any page - Click the triangle in the lower left corner - Click Account Settings - Click Password and Follow Instructions! Mobile/Tablet Instructions - Click the bars in the top right and open the mobile menu - Click Account - Click Account Settings - Click Settings Area - Select Password and Follow Instructions!
  10. Teamspeak server move 7-3-17

    The server has been moved over to the new data center and should be working 100%. Please make sure you are using the new teamspeak server: ts.tacticaltrucking.com. all other links will be destroyed. If you have any questions please ask a staff member. Please note that you might have to wait upto 24 hours for the dns server to propagate but usually it takes less.time.
  11. Teamspeak server move 7-3-17

    In the next 24 hours the teamspeak server will be moved to the Chicago data center. Our web hosting partner tinkerhost.com who provides the services free of charge. Wanted us to be at a better location. The move should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. Once this has been completed, I will update this thread.
  12. Please post on board next to time clock DO NOT REMOVE The daily inspection of your rig is an important part of being a successful and safe truck driver. It is the first thing you should do every day when you clock into your shift.... After finding out your work load for the day from your supervisor, filling out the proper paperwork for the freight you'll be hauling, and making sure your thermos is full of coffee of course. Failure to take the three to four minutes this walk around takes can lead to you not knowing if there is a serious mechanical problem with your rig which could have easily been fixed before you were hauling nineteen tons of cargo a hundred miles away from the nearest service station. Let's face it... if your truck is down, your company isn't making money, the companies clients aren't getting their products, and you aren't getting paid either since you get paid for each mile you drive.... NOT for each hour you are clocked in. So read this in it's entirety and memorize it when your application to Tactical Trucking is accepted....You never know when you are going to need to know this... ... ... Pre-Trip walk around Section 1 ~ Outside inspection Inspect all tires one by one to make sure they are properly mounted on their rims, they have enough tread, are properly inflated, and their lug nuts are tightened properly. Physically check that the wipers, lights, air horns, exhaust, and mudflaps are tight and secure. Clean off any dirt or mud off of your lights and license plate. Make sure all compartments outside of the rig are closed and secure IE- battery box and tool container. Check trailer air lines for cracks and or damage. Section 2 ~ Inside inside inspection Check running lights, left and right turn signal, hazard signal, low beams, high beams, back up lights, and beacons if your rig as them. turn the engine on and fill your air tanks. turn off engine, turn key to the on position and disengage the parking brake. Press the brake peddle repeatedly until your air supply is below 60 PSI. A warning buzzer should come on and your parking brake should engage. turn engine back on and check the trucks voltage, oil pressure, water temp, and fuel level. Knowing and following this simple and quick inspection every day will save you a lot of trouble and as i stated earlier.... you never know when you are going to need to know this information...
  13. Alley docking study guide

    post to board next to time clock DO NOT REMOVE Yearly re-certification of your class-A CDL licences is coming up and you all will have to take a simple driving test as well as a walk around for your rig. You are going to have to speak with the companies safety officer Gingerman about scheduling your re-certification test which will be happening at Phoenix Freight near our company garage in Phoenix Arizona. You will be tested on your ability to perform an alley dock in limited space using a short trailer ( NOT A LONG TRAILER ) without hitting any objects or walls. The rules for the alley docking test are as follows ALLEY DOCKING TEST RULES You may not hit any objects. You may not hit any walls. You can pull forwards or backwards as many times as you need. There is a 20 minute time limit for the alley dock test. Your truck must be parallel to the dock when starting the test. You must use a short trailer. your trailer must be between the lines when you signal the tester that you are confident you have completed the exam. YOU CAN NOT BRIBE THE TESTER WITH BEER.... We are including a diagram to help you prepare for this exam
  14. Parallel parking study guide

    on Driving test Parallel parking a truck with a trailer attached is something that seems to be pretty straight forward but in practice is actually more difficult than you realize. It is something that you need to do every now and then and is part of the driving test required to obtain your DRIVER tag in Tactical Trucking. While you may not actually perform this much in the game, it is a great way to test a drivers ability to manipulate and control your trucks trailer safely. We will start by outlining the rules of this portion of the test, walk you through the test, and what is considered a passing or failing grade. Once again please keep in mind that obtaining the DRIVER tag while being a part of Tactical Trucking is not mandatory to continue being a part of Tactical Trucking. Section one Test rules You may pull forwards or backwards as many times as you require. Hitting any object or vehicle with your truck or trailer will result in a failing grade. The time limit for the test is 15 minutes. The test begins when your truck and trailer are parked parallel to the designated area and the Testing official signals the beginning of the test. The test ends when either (A) the allotted time has passed, (B) you signal the testing official you have completed the task, or (C) you hit another vehicle or object A passing grade is given when your truck and trailer are as close to the curb as possible without hitting it and is completely straight. The testing official will not tell you your grade until you signal that you are finished with the test. Section two Test walk through When you reach the parallel parking section of the test, the testing official will place a truck and a trailer along a curb that you have park between. The space given is typically enough for your truck, your trailer, and two car lengths which is often more room than you would get outside of the testing area. You will follow the testing officials instructions to park parallel to the allotted space and wait for him/her to signal the start of the test. The easiest way to complete this test is to pull the truck forward giving you ample room to angle the trailer into the space and back up angling the truck till you can turn in towards the curb. Then simply pull forwards to straighten out as much as possible before backing up to park your truck and trailer in the middle of the allotted space. It is a simple yet difficult action which can require a lot of practice to perform quickly. When you are satisfied with the position of the truck and trailer, simply inform the testing official and you will be given your grade for this portion of the Driving Test. Section three Passing or Failing In order to pass this test you must Be as close as possible to the curb without having your wheels on it Have your truck and trailer completely straight Finish within the allotted time of fifteen minutes Automatic failure of the test happens if you Hit another vehicle Hit another object Have not properly parallel parked your truck when the allotted time runs out Insist the test is unfair or impossible
  15. Straight line back up study guide

    Backing up your truck with a trailer attached is an EXTREMELY common thing to have to do in ATS or ETS2 and is for the most part required to complete most jobs in both games. You may often find yourself in a precarious position which requires you to back your truck up to either avoid an traffic collision or to be able to make a turn without damaging your truck or worse... your cargo. It should be no surprise then that during your Driver test that we would test you on your ability to back your truck up in a straight line with a trailer attached. Once again we remind you that obtaining the DRIVER tag is in no way required to continue being a member of Tactical Trucking. In this ( albeit short but comprehensive) study guide we will go over the tests rules, a walk through of the test, and what constitutes a passing or failing grade. Section one Test rules You have 5 minutes to complete the test Leaving the allotted space will result in a failing grade The test begins when your truck and trailer are completely straight and the testing official signals you hitting another vehicle or object will result in a failing grade Section two Test walk through The testing official will signal you to move your truck and trailer to the allotted position for the test then go over the rules for the test. He/she will then point out the space you must remain in to complete the test. You will then on his/her signal back the truck and trailer up 100 feet while keeping your truck and trailer as straight as possible and staying within the space provided. When you have passed 100 feet you will be signaled that you have passed the test. Section three Passing or failing grade A passing grade will be rewarded if you Stay within the allotted space keep your truck and trailer completely straight Back your truck and trailer up 100 feet An automatic failing grade will be given if you hit another vehicle hit an object leave the allotted space do not complete the test within the allotted time complain the test is unfair or impossible
  16. Most people assume that taking a turn with a trailer is the same as it is when you are in a small vehicle or act like the truck is a lot less nimble than it is actually is. I often see truckers either taking a turn too sharply taking out several signs or taking a turn too wide; crossing over into the oncoming lane. In real life and in the game these trucks (unless hauling the Heavy Haul DLC trailers ) are designed to handle any road designed for modern passenger vehicles. The trailers are limited to a certain length so that they can make standard 90 degree turns even on two lane roads with ease. Taking a 90 degree turn is safely is all about navigating your truck and trailer around a corner while limiting the danger to yourself and other vehicles on the road as much as possible. The one thing you never want to do is to put your truck into the opposing lane. You can not control nor predict how people will react when on the road or when you enter a lane going the opposite direction. So in order to prevent a traffic collision and avoid any negative impact on your driving record you must take a corner correctly. How to take a turn safely Taking a turn safely is all about what you do leading up to the turn. You engage your turn signal, you slow down to a safe speed, extend the turn past the lane you wish to enter, and then cut the wheel as tightly as you can using the lane which has either a stop sign or a red light to extend your turning circle. This is done for two reasons. You don't put any vehicles in danger that are already moving in a lane that you have no right of way in any vehicles near or at the stop sign or red light are either stopped or are already slowing down. Here is a visual aid to help you understand better. Do you see how in figure 2-12 the path that your vehicle would take places no one at risk while the path in figure 2-13 not only moves the truck in the opposite direction your turn signals indicate you are going to be traveling but also causes you to be a danger to anyone around you. You confuse drivers behind you, you put yourself in the path of oncoming traffic, and put yourself in the path of anyone attempting to make a right turn on the lane you have swung out into. Taking the time to slow down, inform drivers around you of your intentions, and limit dangerous situations isn't just the right thing to do but is a requirement to upholding the standards Tactical Trucking expects from you. It's not just your safety and image that you are hurting... you are affecting every one of your fellow drivers in Tactical Trucking by driving carelessly.
  17. Proper mirror positioning

    Big rigs are called big rigs for a reason. They are typically the largest things on the road and take up a giant chunk of the road leading to a rather large amount of blind spots even when you cover the tractor in as many mirrors as you can by law. You can have anywhere from two to 7 mirrors on a truck typically and most of the time... you'd want more than that if you could. There is a reason why these trucks have so many mirrors. A truckers second biggest nemesis.... BLIND SPOTS.... blind spot noun the point of entry of the optic nerve on the retina, insensitive to light. an area where a person's view is obstructed. Here is a photo showing the typical blind spots on a truck In case that doesn't drive the concept home for you... look at this picture to see just how dangerous they can be Every one in the yellow boxes is completely invisible to the driver of the truck from his perspective. How to decrease blind spots with properly adjusted mirrors The goal is safety by minimizing blind spots so you never want a mirror to show the same reflected area as another mirror. By doing so you are leaving areas around you that you could potentially have another vehicle in and never realize it. Here is another image showing you how even with the basic mirrors you start with in the game which have two mirrors on each side, you can cover the maximum amount of area. By adding two more mirrors on the hood of your truck you can cover even more of the area around your truck by adjusting them to see the area not covered by the plane and convex mirrors. By adding a mirror on the top of your passenger door and adjusting it to cover the blind spot directly along the right side of your tractor, you have effectively gone from having giant blind spots to having three small ones. It's not perfect but it drastically increases your safety and everyone around you. So to sum it up simply, more mirrors and mirrors that cover areas not already visible from other mirrors is how you want to go.
  18. If there is one thing about driving a tractor trailer that makes it intimidating to most people, it's backing up a trailer and putting it into a specific spot. Sure given a large enough amount of time and no one rushing you, you could put a trailer just about anywhere.... as long as you can hop into 3rd person camera that is. Given the option... most people would rather use the 3rd person camera as it offers a lot of benefits and few negatives. Later in this knowledge series when we get to the general section we will cover sticking with the in cab view so for now we will simply be covering how to get a trailer to go where you want to with relative ease. Section one Making backing up easier on yourself Before we even touch on some of the topics we are going to be going over, lets look at one of the most common mistakes that drivers make when trying to put a trailer somewhere. They don't make it easy for themselves. All to often drivers will try to back up into a docking port from a 90 degree position when they have all the room in the world. Here is an example of bad positioning The driver in this photo has purposely positioned his/her truck so that he has to perform an alley dock or a 90 degree dock. It is one of the hardest moves to do and that is why it is part of the CDL test. Just remember... if you have more space than this... use it! Coming at a docking port from any amount of a smaller degree significantly drops the difficulty and shortens the time it takes to position the trailer. Here is an example of a truck positioned to back up utilizing the available space compared to one that hasn't Always use as much space as you need to back a trailer up into the position that you need it to be in. Patience and proper starting position will be a better help to you than forcing yourself to get good at parking from a difficult starting point. Section two Turning a trailer the direction you need it to go So you've got your truck parked at a nice 45 degree angle but you still need to back it in to a straight dock which is going to require you to turn the trailer one way or the other. The trick is that your truck has a pivot point and a trailer so simply turning the wheel in the opposite direction you need it to go isn't going to cut it. The easiest way to explain how to manipulate a trailer is to remember that the trailer is going to turn away from what ever direction the back of your truck ( not the trailer ) is moving. Here is a example of how this works with a trailer as opposed to a vehicle without a trailer. As you can see, when the back of the tractor is moving to the left, the pivot is making the back of the trailer move to the right. This can be further simplified if you are using a steering wheel setup to play the game. When you are using a steering wheel, you can place your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel as what ever direction you turn the wheel from the bottom will be the direction the trailer turns.
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